An Introduction...

Hi! I'm Chloe.

Reading is one of those things that has truly been a 'constant' during my life so far. Ever since I was little I have loved books and reading (to some people's mockery) and you would always find me sitting in a big comfy chair with a book wide open, transfixed and un-approachable.

The way a book can take my mind off all my worries and thoughts amazes me & for the writers to open my mind to new characters, experiences, memories, personalities and ideas is an exceptional thing. I'd love to be able to write, but the truth is I'm struggling to even tell you about myself right now, let alone think of an enticing story for everyone to read.

I live in the UK with my parents, my brother, our dog Jess and my hamster Elmo. I work 9-5 as an Implementation Co-Ordinator implementing a money saving system into the NHS and so far we're saving the NHS billions of £, you'll all be glad to hear. I spend most Saturdays bargain hunting in the charity shops with my mum and most Sundays in my PJs reading and basically doing nothing productive.

Once I'm all set up, I'm hoping to have new posts added twice a week (probably not on any set days) all about my reading ventures.

I have blogged before, but never about books. I used to write a Beauty/Lifestyle blog but it just isn't my passion, I used to have to force myself to write and make myself look forward to blogging; whereas I absolutely love and always have loved reading, so this should be a lot more fun for me!

Please be gentle with me to start with... and please feel free to tweet/email me! My Twitter handle is @book_aholic21 and my email is

Look forward to hearing/speaking to you soon!

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